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Gary Vaynerchuck on Crypto

A truly inspirational entrepreneur, Gary Vaynerchuck has recently been mentioning blockchain and crypto in a lot of his talks.

At a recent talk that I attended, he was talking about how important it is for businesses to take advantage of Facebook and Instagram ads.

During the Q & A, I told him that I believed that businesses and individuals will be branding themselves with their own crypto in the near future. He agreed. I also voiced my concern about how people are being impatient about their cryptocurrency investments and I was struggling as an influencer because of the mindset I was dealing with. He basically picked up on the word ‘struggle’ and said that it is super early in crypto and people need to have patience.

Blockchain technology and crypto is fascinating, but please do understand that the market is highly volatile and it’s a long term involvement. Do not get into crypto to take a shortcut to being rich. Understand the technology and make sure you know that most of the cryptocurrencies out there today, will die within a few years.

I totally understand what Gary means when he says ‘voice’ is where the attention will be in the coming years. I myself have started consuming his content in my car, listening to podcasts. So that’s why I’m focusing this website mainly around podcasts that I’m hoping to make a success of. Let’s see how it rolls out.

Gary Vee with me in London at Success Resources in 2018

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