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Let me know how I can help

General Enquiry – Got something you want to talk about or ask? I’m happy to listen.

Crypto Portfolio Support – I will help manage your portfolio for you and ensure that you are holding cryptocurrencies that have good long term potential.

Event/Training Hire – I offer to speak or provide training on the topics of crypto and also social media marketing.

Podcast Guest – Got some value to share? Maybe we could create a podcast and get your knowledge out there!

YouTube Guest – Are you part of a blockchain project? A startup? or maybe you want to just give some value on video? Let’s arrange a Zoom call!

Logo Animation – I will animate your existing logo and provide an MP4 video to be used as an intro to your videos.

Whiteboard Animation – I will create a professional whiteboard explainer video for your business/ product.

Help with Social Media – If you need to bounce some ideas, or want to collaborate in some way with what I do, I’d love to hear what you have in mind.